How does the waitlist work?

If the class you want to join is full, we recommend joining the waitlist - this means that if anyone cancels out of the class, you'll have an opportunity to take their place. There's always cancellations in the lead up to a class, so it's rare that you won't be given the opportunity to join.

Once a spot becomes available, you'll be automatically added to the class, unless it's within two hours of the class start time. If it's within two hours of the class starting and you haven't been added, we recommend cancelling off the waitlist and just keeping an eye on the class for any last minute spots. 

You'll get an email (and push notification if you're using our app) to let you know when you've been added to the class.

Please note that our two-hour cancellation window applies, including pass forfeits or late cancellation fees if you cancel within two hours of the class start time.
For this reason, we ask that you manage your waitlist booking the same way you would manage an actual class booking. If you know you can no longer attend the class, please cancel yourself off the waitlist to avoid being caught in the late cancellation window.
We recommend using our Stone's Throw Yoga app to manage your bookings, so you can also receive a push notification directly to your phone when you get added to the class.

I'm using the app - why don't I get waitlist push notifications?

  • Check your app settings. Visit your profile (top right in the app), and tap 'settings'. Make sure all your notifications are set to 'on'.
  • Check your phone settings. You'll need to navigate to the 'notifications' section of your phone's settings (this will be different for every phone) and make sure that notifications are allowed for the Stone's Throw Yoga app.

I get push notifications, but I don't get the waitlist email?

You might have email notifications turned off.
To turn them on via the app:
  • Tap your Profile (top right)
  • Tap Settings
  • Ensure email notifications are toggled on
To turn them on via the web booking system:
  • Click My Profile (top left menu)
  • Click Notifications in the sub-menu (top right - you might need to scroll)
  • Ensure email notifications are toggled on
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