How do your zoom classes work?

We have a multitude of zoom options available each week. You'll notice they're marked as ZOOM clearly in the description, and as a virtual class. If you're using our app, you can also use the filter on the front page to see only zoom classes.

These are perfect for those who:

  • want the flexibility to practice at a time that suits them
  • would prefer not to practice in an indoor space
  • want to minimise their travel time
  • simply want to practice from the comfort of their own home (pyjamas encouraged!)

The zoom classes are all hybrid, meaning that you're joining a class that is also running at the studio with live participants. Once you book the class check your booking confirmation email, which will contain a link to join the class live at the scheduled time.

You can practice with your camera on or off - your choice.

You don't have to join zoom classes live!

If the time of the zoom class doesn't work for you - you can still do the class.

As long as you've booked into the class, you'll be emailed a link to the recording after it's finished (please allow a couple of hours for the video to process and be uploaded). Note that this will be a different link to the one you'd use to join the class live. Make sure you check your spam folder if you don't receive it.

You'll have unlimited access to this recording for two days, allowing you to do the class at a time that suits you. You can even do the class multiple times, if you like!

Does your cancellation window apply for zoom classes?

No - for one, you don't need to worry about cancelling your class if you can't attend at the time it's scheduled, as you'll be emailed the recording afterwards anyway.
If you do want to cancel, there is no penalty as long as you cancel with one minute's notice (the shortest time we can allow in the system!). If it's within one minute of the class it's best to just keep your booking.

What do zoom classes cost?

The same pricing options for studio classes apply to zoom classes. Check out our pricing page here.
Need help booking? Check out the help article linked below.
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